About Us

We are a Boutique & Affordable Luxury Designer Finds/Consignment online based store. We take pride in hand-picking all of our items and we have something for everyone. Opal Brands will be offering: clothing, makeup/lashes, designer items, shoes, a men's section, hair/skin products and more, all at great affordable prices! Stay Tuned!

Here at Opal Brands we love fashion and we love bargain hunting. We created this store to provide that luxury to everyone without the hard work of searching for a deal. As we come across the products we want to offer, we will first test them ourselves to insure top of the line quality. Then we will put them up for pre-order or they will be available right away for Opal Fam to purchase. 

Check out the announcement bar at the top to find an occasional promo code. Be sure to check out the policy page so you are informed. We love you opal fam! Need to contact us?

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